more about our weatherproof shoes and technology

Life doesn't let up for bad weather.

Aquatalia’s exclusive weatherproofing and stain-resistant technology.

Our technique begins during the initial tanning process when supple leather and suede skins are immersed in a state-of-the-art sealant. A uniquely designed drum allows for complete and even coverage.

This unique and complex process allows the materials to resist moisture while maintaining breathability, keeping feet comfortable and dry.

The sealant penetrates deep into the leather and suede fibers, resulting in soft and natural-looking skins that repel water, prevent absorption of moisture, and are also salt and stain resistant.

Season to season, wet weather can present challenges to your dynamic lifestyle. We see them as opportunities to step it up and stand out. You’re mobile, running from business to pleasure with ease. You’re social, comfortably dashing from uptown to downtown. You’re fashionable, mixing function and luxury to dramatic effect.

Puddle jumping, sleet surfing, snow shuffling — you brilliantly navigate diverse surfaces in the wettest conditions and your Aquatalia shoes and boots, with their exclusive weatherproof and stain-resistant technology, keep you dry and looking polished every step of the way.

Beautifully crafted and weatherproof, your products do not require much upkeep to stay looking great. That said, we do have some recommendations.

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